Elegant Services Group was founded in 1985 with an aim to serve companies providing maintenance and operation service. With a sharp focus on cleanliness and hygiene, we provide outstanding service to meet the customer’s requirements in close cooperation with them. We understand the value of health and hygiene, safety and cleanliness.  To this end, business areas have been added and the service contents have also been specialized, increased and developed gradually. Our expertise includes not only maintenance and operation; we provide security service and industrial manpower of various fields.

Elegant Services Group (ESG) entered the Saudi market with the acquisition of the security company, ELEGANT MAINTENANCE SERVICES, AND OPERATIONS EST. By 2006 ESG has nationwide branch offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Jubail and Al‐Khafji to serve and support clients of the region. The company operates in a wide diversity of industrial sectors, serving private and government clients. The company offers services including oilfields, mining, project management and security services. Additionally, it has gained sound specialization on operation and maintenance as well as manpower supply.

Elegant Services Group, 100% Saudi owned company to streamline the company operations with its corporate vision, actively contributes in the specialized maintenance field to protect the valuable facilities from degradation, corrosion and fire, which can drastically reduce the productive life of industrial plants. By 2009 the manpower strength and operational plants capacity increased six folds compared with 1985. The Company has been reorganized with strong & consistent commitment to provide highest quality services to customers with stringent project time scheduling.

Over the past decade of business, Elegant Services Group managed to carve out a leading position for itself by virtue of its workmanship quality, reliability and consistency of maintenance and operational services. The company looks back with satisfaction to numerous well-executed projects with perfection that met and exceeded the expectation of its customers.


To be a leading company, recognized for the high quality, customer satisfaction, reliability and consistency of maintenance and operation of services in oil, gas and petrochemical company, ultimately gaining regional as well as international recognition.


To achieve long-term sustainable growth by adding value to our customers’ operations with world leading, highly differentiated products and services.

Manpower Services

All Kind of Gardening & Landscaping Services undertaken from general maintenance to design and implementation of landscaping services.

  • Gardening Preservation
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance

Pest Control

No matter how big or small your issue we have the right team to control and prevent your pest control issues.

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Cleaning Services

  • Janitorial Services
  • Industrial Manpower Services
  • Office and Tea Boy services
  • Industrial & Commercial Servicing

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Industrial Warehouse Cleaning
  • Offices & Conference Centre’s
  • Yards, Car Parks & Open Areas
  • Restaurants, Hotels

Maintenance Services

  • Generator Repair & Maintenance
  • Power Supplies, Supplied & Maintained
  • IT & Communication Supply & Maintenance

Other Services those we provide are:

  • Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Catering Services
  • Industrial Manpower Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Information Technology and Network Communication

Quality Policy

Our quality mission is to provide consistent and reliable services of superior quality to customers in the field of maintenance and operation, janitorial, office and tea boy service sludge removal, spill cleaning and catering business that meets and exceeds their expectations in a cost-effective manner.

 Since 2008, our Quality Management Systems have been certified to ISO 9001: 2000. Driven by a vision to become the best general contracting and trading company in Saudi Arabia in terms of customer satisfaction vis-à-vis quality, reliability and consistency of services, and ultimately gain regional as well as international recognition.

Safety & Health Policy

Elegant Services Group is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment at all Sites and prevent injuries and fatal accidents to its own personnel as well as customers, suppliers or other organizations and avoid damage or loss to any property by implementing adequate safety precautions and practices. Elegant Services Group is keen to protect the environment where it operates. Environmental consciousness is an important part of the training cycles.


Amiantit Group has various companies under its business entity e.g. Amiantit Fiberglass, Ameron, Bondstrand, AMIPOX, Aminatit Rubber, SADIP to name a few. Elegant has been providing the required industrial manpower to Amiantit since 1990 until now. The manpower are from different nationality and for different type of works e.g. mechanical engineer, quality inspector, quality controller, CAD draftsman, secretary, driver, welder, plant mechanic, Air condition technician, industrial electrician, machine operator, sanitation, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labours etc. More than 180 employees have been working in Amiantit Group of Companies from Elegant Services Group.

2. Chamber of Commerce EP

Our various categories of manpower have been working in Chamber of Commerce located in Dammam and its branch offices around Eastern Province. Manpower provided to Chamber of Commerce are IT Support Technicians, Computer operator, secretary, office boys, tea boys, clerks, telephone operator, driver,  pest control, janitorial sanitation and labors. More than 50 employees are employed to serve Chamber of Commerce for different type of work.

3. Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Center

More than 100 employees have been mobilized from us to work as technical, official and housekeeping works. Also our employees are engaged to pest controlling and sanitation in Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Centre.

4. SABER Travel Network

Our highly trained technical staffs are engaged to work as IT support executives, administrative works, and support to the travel agencies in SABRE GDS booking system (airline ticketing system). Also marketing and sales of SABRE GDS is another job carrying out by our employees in SABRE. Approximately 45 highly trained staffs are mobilized in SABRE.