Security Operations Through Digital Technology

We, Elegant, have developed our own mobile application – Elegant Security – which is available to download in App Store and Play Store. Elegant is continuously in process to bring some changes by transforming manual security operations to digital security operation. In order to achieve our goal, we have developed this App by using latest cutting-edge technology. This mobile application is meant to enhance security service through latest technology. This application is to support our security guards for their daily security operational activities when they are on duty.

This application helps the security guards and supervisors to understand what are the basic tasks assigned to them in each projects as a security guard or as a security supervisor, how they need to complete their tasks daily. The entire securioty operational plan is configured to address client’s Scope of Work, security requirements and other issues.

Each security projects of Elegant has different site specific project requirements in terms of security operations. No matter in which project the security guards are mobilized, they will find the Site Plan of that specific project in our mobile application so that they will understand what security tasks they are assigned to.

This application has various features built in such as daily attendance, history of daily duty, reporting tasks, daily and monthly time sheet (which is used for the payroll salaries), also current work status, work log, overall performance which we call KPI and so on. Any kind of security incident can be submitted through this app. Also, sick leave or vacation request can be submitted through this app.

The client will receive web enabled portal access to view and monitor security guards activities, their attendance and the location where they are currently mobilized. Security incident report, patrolling route and task comletion etc can be monitored by the client without leaving their work office.

Our Clients