December 7, 2023 11:25 PM

Guards are key players in an organization’s physical security roster. To groom good ones requires a commitment to both train them and provide them opportunities to grow.

The most-junior employee in the security hierarchy, security guards, and surveillance personnel present a major hiring challenge for Elegant Services Group. These entry‐level positions can be boring and low‐paying, and many companies view them as dead‐end jobs. The combination of low pay and the drudge work inherent with manning a turnstile, patrolling a parking lot, or staring at a bank of cameras leads to incredibly high turnover. Although turnover is high and the work is often less than challenging, the job function is critical to a corporation’s overall security.

On a daily basis, guards and security officers are the eyes and ears that alert the security department to any suspicious activity. They are usually the first responders to any incident on site, and in an emergency, they become the voice of the security department, communicating emergency procedures and shepherding employees to safety.

Good training for entry‐level employees is the cornerstone of successful security staff. Not only does it improve the quality of the service that guards, security officers, and surveillance personnel provide, it also acts as a jumping‐off point for job growth and further training, and allows management to identify talented employees and promote them through the ranks. Rather than Security General, an entry‐level security position can be the beginning of a rewarding career.

Entry‐level positions are quite critical because that’s where any Security company identifies the future leaders within their group. If we see someone who has potential, we train them appropriately and keep them interested; we may have a very valuable employee down the road.

Elegant Security Training includes

  • 15 training programs covering the most crucial topics and issues facing security officers today.
  • An Instructor Guide binder with lesson plans, instructor tips, tests and answer keys.
  • And a Notebook to support classroom implementation of the series. (Additional notebooks available for purchase.)
  • This 15‐Module series consists of the following topics and comes complete with testing material.


Module # 1

General Security Job Requirements

Module # 2

Daily Report Writing

Module # 3

Uniform and Safety Equipment Requirements

Module # 4

Site Specific Security Requirements

Module # 5

Maintain Personal Security Obligations

Module # 6

Controlling Entrance and Exit Gates

Module # 7

Creating (Issuance) of ID Badging Cards

Module # 8

Checking ID Cards and Vehicle Sticker

Module # 9

Checking Gate Pass and Other Document

Module # 10

Checking Driving License and Other Document

Module # 11

Safeguarding Client’s Property and Assets

Module # 12

Vehicle Searching

Module # 13

Inspection of Patrolling Vehicle for Safety

Module # 14

Perform Escorting Duties

Module # 15

Vehicle Patrol Duty and Obligation

Module # 16

Foot Patrol Duties

Module # 17

Guarding and Escorting VIPs

Module # 18

Reporting Writing (Incident and General)

Module # 19

Controlling Pedestrians

Module # 20

Controlling Vehicle Access and Parking Management

Module # 21

Assist Emergency Vehicle During Emergency Cases

Module # 22

Operation of Mechanical Arm Barriers

Module # 23

Oil and RIG Security

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