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Elegant for Industrial Security Service is a leading supplier of local guarding services in Saudi Arabia. When it comes to manned guarding it is all about people. We employ over 1000 security officers to deliver services to an impressive list of blue chip clients across a number of sectors. Our award-winning security training program and robust management systems have helped to establish our reputation as a pioneering service excellence organization.

We are proud to have created a culture where loyalty, ambition, and talent can flourish. Our security officers operate to the highest standards with energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to deliver service excellence.

Our Security Guards match the profile you’re looking for. A friendly smiling face to welcome visitors to your premises, or a more assertive no-nonsense approach to protect plant and machinery in the dead of night.

Screened, vetted, qualified and experienced, there’s lots going on behind the uniform. Our Security Officers can anticipate a problem long before visitors, guests or shoppers suspect a thing. They can diffuse tensions using tact and diplomacy. They respond to difficult situations calmly and quickly.

Front of House Security

Reception Security

Mobile Patrols

Key Holding

Alarm Response

24/7 Security

Remote Monitoring

Meeting and greeting customers or keeping a low-profile (in uniform or plain clothes), we’re on watch. Our Front of House Security can blend seamlessly with your staff or stand out, be it for reassurance or as a deterrent. Whatever the point of entry, our security officers are trained to search people, their bags, their rucksacks and hatchbacks. Elegant can provide welcoming and attentive concierge services, too, for hotel and residential situations, at times to suit you.

At Elegant Security, Front of House takes many forms, but the primary objective is the same: to keep you safe.

Why Are We Different?

a) 8 Hours Pre-Assignment Course for Candidate

No one becomes Security Guard unless he receives proper Security Guard Training. Elegant has its own system to exercise prior to hiring any candidate as security guard. This exercise we call Pre-Assignment Course.

Any candidate who meets the minimum requirement to become a Security Guard, he must undergo comprehensive Pre-Assignment training before they are selected to perform their duties as Security Guard. Under this exercise, all tentative candidates for security guard must complete a required curriculum of courses to be eligible to hire as a security guard.

This course is mandatory for all candidates to become a security guard. It is eight (8) hours course that serves as the first step in the registration process to become a professional guard, and candidates are required to earn a minimum 70% final test score to pass the class. Passing candidates are eligible for hiring as security guard who will then receive further training to achieve their goal to become a professional security guard. We call it Pre-Assignment Course for hiring the candidate.

What Topics Does 8 (eight) hours Pre-Assignment Course Cover?

The pre-assignment course covers a range of topics designed to introduce future security guards to the roles and responsibilities of the job. Topics include:

  • An overview of the security industry, the role played by security guards, and common duties
  • Instruction about security guard powers and limitations under the law, and how they differ from official police and military personnel.
  • Includes proper procedures for controlling / handling people or intruders.
  • Overview of emergency response for security guards
  • Insight into how security guards should handle public relations and communications
  • Overview of the proper procedures for managing access control
  • Explanation of the security guard code of ethics
  • Instruction on report-writing

Final review of all class topics and a written exam. Participants must receive a 70% or better score to be eligible to work as Security Guard in Elegant.

b) Our Technical Solution

To keep up with rapidly evolving innovations and emerging threats, Elegant Security Company has worked to keep pace with technological changes. The reality is that technology never remains static for long. And while many of technologies can create new risks and threats, others provide new opportunities for countering bad actors. The best security companies are adept at incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their security solutions. Here are three ways our technology can benefit you:

Technology Improves Communications

Thanks to improvements of Elegant’s mobile application and communication systems, today’s security services have become more responsive than ever. Security guards are always within communication reach, ensuring rapid response to any challenge. Moreover, modern systems provide guards with unprecedented access to the information they need to fulfill their security objectives. In short, technology improves incident reporting, dispatch, and guard response time.

Using Technology to Provide Real Accountability

Elegant’s mobile application technology also provides the accountability you need to fully trust our security guards as your partner. Elegant relies on wide range of technology solutions to secure that accountability. For example, GPS tracking can help to ensure that officers are where they’re supposed to be. Centralized technology platforms can enable real-time monitoring of security operations. More importantly, rely on these accountability tools ensures that overall security strategy is being fully implemented.

Technology Solutions Offer A Higher Level of Transparency

Technology’s benefits also extend to issues involving transparency. Modern integrated security platforms enable accurate, concise daily reports that offer key insights about the security plan. Obviously, that reporting is vital to quality assurance. More than that, though, it provides the documentation you need to properly evaluate the security guards’ performance. Our client receives reports for daily activities, management of site visitors, inspections, and more. Of course, most modern security technology offers customized reporting as well. As a result, our client receives transparent access to information in the format they prefer.

If you’re looking for superior security services you can trust, look no further than Elegant Security Services. Our team has the experience, expertise, and training to properly address even your most pressing security challenges. And our fully-integrated technology platform provides the reliable communications, accountability, and transparency you need. Contact us today to learn more about how our services and technology can benefit you.

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